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Why Islam is...EVIL! Addendum

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why islam is...evil!

As you might have suspected, the series entitled, Why Islam is...EVIL! stirred up quite quite a bit of emotion.  Consider the following excerpt from an email that I received from a now former subscriber:
"Have you ever even read the Qur'an?
Calling Islam evil is the same as
calling all Muslims evil!
How dare you send this hateful,
lying email and, no less,
in our holiest month of the year,
Ramadan?? How dare you label
"Islam is evil" as "God's Thoughts"?
  I subscribed to your newsletter
for the SUPPOSED "good" you
were preaching about love,
forgiveness and GOD. I thought we
had a love and reverence of God
in common.  This email shows me
how wrong I was about you
and your hate dispensing organization,
what an ignorant person you are,
and just HOW ignorant of Islam you all are."
The following is the letter that I wrote in response:
Dear ________,
In answer to your question, yes I have read and studied the Qur'an. In fact, I have been a student of Islam and the Qur'an since 1980. Over the past 32 years I have read and studied the Qur'an in three different translations. I have also read and studied the Hadith of Bukhari. My formal education includes a degree in Islamic studies.
Again, I don't believe that all Muslims are evil. In fact, I have family members, whom I love very much, that call themselves Muslims. Please consider the following:
I believe that abortion is evil, however, I don't think that all women who have abortions are evil. My mom had an abortion a long time ago. She believed it was the right thing to do. I believe that what she did was evil, but that's not the same as saying she is evil. In fact, I love my mother very much.
Another example would be homosexuality. I believe that homosexuality is evil, but I do not think that all homosexuals are evil. Over the years I have had friends and family members, whom I love very much, that practiced homosexuality.
Again, just because someone does something evil, or believes in something that is evil DOES NOT make them evil. I'm sad to say that I have done some evil things in my life, however, I do not think of myself as evil.
_______, I can see that you unsubscribed after Part 1 of my series. You can view Parts 2-4 at www.godthoughtslive.com. I have millions of readers around the world including both Christians and Muslims, that have acknowledged - EVERYTHING I TEACH IS STRAIGHT FROM THE QUR'AN AND THE BIBLE. I honestly believe that the issue is this:
Most professing Muslims are just like most professing Christians in that neither really know or practice what their "holy books" really teach. You yourself admitted an understanding that the Bible and Qur'an "differ" in what they teach about Jesus. It's true.
The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is the Son of God, while the Qur'an clearly teaches that Jesus IS NOT the Son of God (you do know that one of the reasons that Mohammed wrote the Qur'an was to expose the "corruption" of the Bible? -see Surah 25:1-2; 19:88-93; 112:1-4; 23:90-91; 37:151-152).
-The God of the Qur'an, Allah says that all who call Jesus the Son of God are liars (see above verses).
-The God of the Bible says Jesus IS His Son, literally (see Matthew 3:17).
This is just one important example of dozens that illustrate that the Bible and the Qur'an teach opposite things. To believe that the God of Islam and the God of Christianity are the same God exemplifies the reality that those who say such things (click on former President Bush) have no idea what they're talking about.
I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ALL MUSLIMS ARE EVIL, any more than I believe that my beloved mother is evil. I do however, strongly believe that Islam, the belief system based on the Qur'an, IS EVIL, for the reasons mentioned in my series.

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